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Wiki Trail: From Drake and Josh to

Drake and Josh:
I started with Drake and Josh because I used to watch that show as a kid.

Amanda Show:
I also used to watch the Amanda Show, which is where Drake and Josh got their start.

This is the spin-off show that Miranda Cosgrove got after her role in Drake and Josh.

This is the network in which all these shows aired. Nickelodeon was probably my most watched network as a kid.

Fortune Cookie Tech Tip

Biography: My Workout Partner

 I once had a friend who wanted to workout with me. I frequent the gym often, so I am in pretty good shape. My muscles are used to the demand I put them through. They have built up endurance, and they do not typically get too sore after my daily workouts. Well my friend, Josh, does not typically workout. However he wanted to make a change and be more active with me. I warned him that he would be very sore throughout week one. Luckily, he listened to my warning and prepared himself. He survived week one, and to this day, I still have Josh as my workout partner.

Note: I am thankful to have a buddy that enjoys working out with me and staying in shape. It is truly beneficial to both of us.

Microfiction: The Break Up

Hint: John and Katie had a misunderstanding. Luckily, they were able to talk it out and make up.

Drabble: Katie got a little too drunk at a party and passed out on the couch. John was ready to leave so he went looking for his girlfriend, Katie. He eventually found her sleeping on the couch next to another guy. John was upset, but woke up Katie and took her home. He was accusing at first, but after Katie explained herself that she fell asleep while the couch was unoccupied, John forgave her.

Note: A story about relationship troubles. This was fortunately overcome by communication, listening, and love.

Week 7: Enhancing The Frogs and the Kitten Story

New Version in Portfolio

There once was a small little peaceful pond just beyond some trees. Three little frogs lived there. The three siblings loved to cross the pond by jumping on lily pads as they floated across the water. They loved racing across the water by waiting for the pads to line up and hopping across them. One day they encountered a friendly little kitten by their pond. This kitten had played all the games around his home and mastered them all. His name was Chester. Chester was the most athletic kitten of his home and needed new games and competition to occupy his time and test his skills. He noticed the young frogs playing their lily pad game and approached them casually.

"Hello there frogs," Chester said politely. "What is it that you're playing?"

The frogs responded, "We are racing across the pond on these lily pads to see which of us is the fastest! Would you like to try?"

Of course Chester wanted to try! He wanted to be the fastest to cross the pond!

So the frogs showed him how it was done. They had to jump on a lily pad, wait for the next one to float by, then jump on it and wait to repeat the process. "It's a game of patience, speed, skill, and agility!" The frogs said excitedly.

"I am fast, skillful, and agile!" The kitten responded as he was practicing. "I think I'm ready to beat you three!"

"Are you sure you're ready? We have been doing this for a while. Are you sure you don't want more practice?" The frogs said. "The pond can be dangerous if you were to fall in. Can you swim?"

"I don't need to swim!" Replied the kitten. "I am going to win without touching a single drop!"

So the four of them lined up on the bank of the pond eager to race to see who was the best. At the start of the race, the kitten pulled ahead. He was faster than the frogs, so he was able to quickly hop across the lily pads that were grouped together. As they reached the middle of the pond, the lily pads grew farther and farther apart. The kitten had to wait on the pads to come closer, but the frogs could jump farther and reach the pads before they were close enough for the kitten to reach. By this point, one frog pulled ahead of the kitten. The kitten was doing all he could to catch up, but with the spacing of the lily pads, the frog's lead grew. The kitten started making riskier and riskier jumps to catch the frog.

"Be careful Chester," the frogs said, "those jumps are dangerous. Please don't fall in."

"Don't worry," Chester replied, " just a little more!"

Chester was gaining on the lead frog, but the finish line was coming up fast.

Chester made one last risky jump to retake the lead, but the lily pad wasn't quite close enough. He fell in the pond. Chester paddled and splashed, but he kept sinking lower into the water. The frogs jumped in after him, but they were not strong enough to save poor Chester.

Chester, the kitten, was just too competitive. He couldn't stand to lose, and he didn't have the patience to wait for the lily pads to come closer to him. His mistakes cost him the ultimate price.

Author's Note:
I got the inspiration to write this story from the Talking Turtle and the Geese. In that story, the turtle always had to get a word in even when it was against his best interest. He annoyed may of the creatures around him with his constant yapping, but he made friends with the geese. The geese knew of a mountainous area where they migrated every winter with plenty of room where no other creatures could hear you. The geese knew how much the turtle loved to talk, so they offered to help carry the turtle up to the mountains with them. Their plan was to carry a stick between their beaks, and the turtle could bite the stick to hitch a ride with them. The turtle could live out his talkative days in the mountains and could talk to his heart's content. On their journey, some boys were poking fun at the turtle for riding along with geese. Unfortunately, the turtle could not keep his mouth shut, and he released the branch for a rebuttal. He fell to his death on the journey. I added my own twist by changing the animals and setting, but I still taught a lesson about discipline and patience that both the turtle and kitten lacked.

From Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt

Mahabharata PDE Part D

Mahabharata Online: Public Domain Edition Part D

Bhishma is killed in battle. Abhimanyu is killed while trapped alone behind the enemy lines, and Arjuna seeks revenge. Many loved ones are lost and the pandavas use trickery to their advantage.

Karna takes command of the bad army, and Bhima seeks revenge for the treatment of draupadi. Arjuna kills karna after a long battle.

Many warriors seek revenge and attack throughout the night. Bhishma gets to choose the moment of his death, so he waits so that he can instruct the survivors on how to rule the kingdom before he goes. Yudhistra seeks kingship by a horse sacrifice. After Krishna's death, the Pandavas and Draupadi decide to leave earth and leave the kingdom in the hands of Parikshit, Arjuna's grandson. Yudistra must pass a final test. He goes to hell to be united with his brothers and this is followed by then all going ot heaven and Dyrod going to hell.

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Mahabharata Online: PDE Part C

Mahabharata Online: Public Domain Edition Part C

The Pandavas must now enter a long period of exile. pandavas run in Hanuman on one of their adventurous journeys while exiled. Hanuman was also from the Ramayana. 

Draupadi struggles with the dangers of being a woman during the time of exile. They rescue her after the kidnapping.

The Pandavas enter their final year of exile in which they must spend in hiding, not to be recognized. More trouble for draupadi as there is another rape attempt and her husbands can do nothing bc they are in hiding.

The exile is over and the pandavas want a vengeful war. Many diplomatic attempts are made but the conflict is escalating to an approaching war. Both sides are reluctant to fight their family, but the battle begins anyway.