Monday, February 3, 2020

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To my portfolio project:

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  1. Hey Dylan

    I thought that the first story was very well written! I like how your title of the page lets us know right off the bat who we are going to be reading about. I also really enjoyed the descriptions that were in your story. I read the story a couple times just so I could envision in my head what was going on and I could clearly get a great picture and that is thanks to your writing. A story is always good when it has our hero facing a villain and that by defeating it they bring peace to the land. I do agree that a warrior should always be conscience of his legacy for sure. It seems like too often the warriors we read about only do heroic feats when it makes them look good and they don’t take into consideration the lasting impact of what they have done. One thing that I was curious about is what are the other stories we are going to be reading about? I don’t happen to see an introduction, so I was just curious. Anyway, I really enjoyed your reading and cannot wait to come back for more.